In the beginning, God was a blank sheet of paper, void of any knowledge, experience, or memory of anything other than Himself.

God considers changing things?

Most mega nerds believe God always existed, fine, okay, yet, being the only one, He would be lacking; in the knowledge of anyone or thing, other than Himself, and zero memory of any living thing, other than Himself. Also, at some point in His existence, His knowledge and memory; would be a blank sheet of paper. Allow me to state that before the beginning, God was a blank sheet of paper, void of any knowledge, experience, or memory of anything other than Himself. Living in a dark empty place, what would He compare Himself with? Experience, or remember, for everywhere He went, it would always be the same: also, how is it possible to know something that doesn’t exist?

decisions to make

Is not this God in the beginning? He is without memory [what would He have to remember, without time, in a dark empty place, where there is nothing to see, hear, or feel, or experience; all is the same, wherever He goes.] Also, God would have no concern about who or what He is before the beginning. Is this not the environment God finds Himself, and what He is on the inside will be the driving force that motivates Him to act, for there lacks any outside influence and inner ego.

Man cannot go back in time [meaningless here, for this, is before time], but the Holy Spirit is not affected by time: therefore, He can appear at the beginning or end. He once said to me: I dwell in you so; you can experience being God by My operating through you. He allows me to go back in time by His living in me.

God spent His formative years in None Whatsoever Land, an empty place, where only space exists, nothing else. It lacks what the physical sphere has: with its: gravity, time, lightning, wind, atoms, etc. Yes indeed, for God’s hometown lacks any tidbits: for, only dark space or the absence of light fills the township. And here God stands: full of glory, majesty, power, might, wisdom, and knowledge, yet, there lacks any means to express what He is. [Of what value is knowledge and wisdom when there is nothing to analyze, apart from yourself?]

God views himself
God mirrors his image

The image wasn’t what He attributed Himself to be: no sir! It was entirely different. God has deluded Himself into believing; He is something different; from the image that astounds him. How would you feel if you always viewed yourself as a tree, then suddenly see yourself as a horse? God realizes that if He is as this image is, He sees, He must entirely revamp His views of who and what He is!
For starters: He names Himself I Am; I Am whatever I Am, and whomever I Am: and not what I have envisioned Myself to be. [When you are the only one alive without anyone or something to compare yourself. Nor any means to see yourself. You will form an opinion of who and what you are]. God perceives this image to be He: and to verify it; He makes movements and expressions which the image duplicates, not unlike a person would, when: for the first time, one encounters his image in a mirror or reflection on the water.

This image was not Yahweh, nor what He wanted to believe He was. It horrified Him to see Himself as He is, for, He had always dwelt in darkness and visioned Himself to be a part of it. Accepting this, and enjoying life in a land of nothing, happy and content, free to be and do whatsoever He wanted to do or be: however, there lacked any way for Yahweh to express or view Himself in None Whatsoever Land.
This image before Him was bright, very bright, and full of majesty and glory. It scares Him, for His life of dark space has never encountered such a creature, and if this creature is He, then He should no longer consider Himself as part of dark space, the only resident of None Whatsoever Land.
Thoughts run through God’s head that perhaps He has wandered into this place, He now resides, from somewhere else, possibly, others like Himself also are there? His memory bank withdraws a blank: He has no recollection of ever dwelling anywhere; other than where He is now.

His image has now vanished! God desires to return to the spot of the vision; to further analyze the figure. But how? His hometown has neither: East, West, North, South, Up or Down, nor trees or stones to mark the way. Nil looks the same, no matter which way you travel, for there are no scenic routes in God’s hometown: indeed, the map of His hometown is but a blank sheet of paper. God now impresses the image on His mind, for He may never again view who and what He truly is!

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nightmares and reality the same?
nightmares are real?


Where does reality stop and nightmares begin?

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