No matter how much you possess, you always want more!

the Creator in dark space

Before the curtain opens for the two-legged ape’s episode: there is the Almighty God prelude: with the hero observing what? God is standing alone without a mommy or daddy! The Almighty is light and full of glory like the noon-day sun, but only in his little world: for darkness fills the universe. Within his galaxy, God possesses all the marbles, also eternity, being a perpetual motion machine, guaranteed to exist forever.

I have what you want

Later, when John Paul Getty was the richest man in the world, a reporter questions him: Mr. Getty, how much money does it take to make one happy? The wealthy man thought, then replies, a little more than what you already have. Humans are in the image of God: therefore, this applies to God also!

Yes, if you possess all the marbles, you metamorphose into a spoiled brat: because all you have was freely given to you. No intelligence, effort, sweat, or tears, was required on your part. Therefore, the possessing of incomputable wealth would be unappreciated as breathing.
Wherever the Almighty travels, his galaxy moves with him, hence, he is always enjoying light and glory. However, his eyes can see beyond his glory sphere, and they reveal a universe of immeasurable dark empty space, making him merely bright light in a dark cellar!

she has what you want

Unbeknown to the Almighty, behold, there lies a hidden femme fatale lurking in the immense darkness, searching for lonely bachelors. Without a mommy or daddy to warn him of the ladies of the night: the Almighty will soon be in the web of the femme fatale! Would not this be impossible? A siren from darkness, luring the Almighty God into her web? Be real! 

Inside his galaxy, the Almighty God possesses all the marbles, lacking nothing. What could she possibly have that he doesn’t? Femme Fatales are like mirages in a desert; highly desirable: but vanishing at the touch. She will be irresistible bait, causing the Almighty to come to her.

The Almighty dancing all alone

Sailing through foggy darkness in a glory ship: leaves what, for the Almighty to do? Singing and dancing with himself, of course, but wouldn’t that soon get boring? Big deal! So, you’re the greatest singer and dancer in the universe: of what value is it; without an audience? A spoiled brat needs cheers and praises to gratify his ego! Eureka! At last, the bait for the ‘femme fatale’s’ web appears! She will supply a ‘cotton candy’ audience for the lonely bachelor, as she has what the Almighty God hasn’t, NOTHING!

Amazing how attractive nothing can be when you possess everything! Search for a person who has everything; what is left for that person to desire, but nothing? When you hold a full glass of water in your hand, do you search for more water? Who goes on a safari to obtain that which they already own? 

Who is there to tame God?

Without parents to lead, guide, and teach him, the Almighty God is an easy mark for all the hidden dangers dwelling in darkness. Being a hermit denies the spoilt one: the ability to learn social skills, to deal with and communicate with others, like when to speak and when not to. All together: the Almighty God is an inexperienced creature, wild and ferocious as a tiger or timid as a mouse. When a hungry tiger encounters a human, does it start a conversation, or ask for a date, or lick its lips, it’s ‘lunch-time’? Lacking social skills: how will the Almighty react when he comes across a stranger or the desire for more than he already possesses? Indeed, the word ‘satisfied’ isn’t in the vocabulary of the living!